How To Know My Size ?

Where can I find Size Chart ?

  • You will find the chart at each product page under add to cart button 
  • Just click on Body Measurements size chart to know your perfect fit
  • You will find guidelines on how to measure yourself 
  • Measurements in CM 
Nileton Size Guide

Where can I find Products Measuerments ?

  • You will find Product Measurements  at each product page under add to cart button and above Body Measurements chart
  • Just click on Products Measurements to know the items details such as Length, Hip, Waist …etc 
  • Measurements in CM
Nileton Size Guide

Which measurements Should I follow Body Measurements or Product Measurements ?

  • Firstly you should follow Body Measurements Chart to know your size 
  • Then, you can move to product measurements to know how the product will fit on you  

Where can I find Fit Recommendation

  • You will Find at the description at each product page :
  •  Our recommendation for choosing is based on the customer’s feedback and reviews 
  • You will find details about the fabric type 
  • Also you can read customer reviews and feedbacks 


Nileton Size Guide